By using the power of light to visualize flaws, features, and indistinguishable colors that could not be captured in photographs before, we can perform affordable and high-performance quality inspections.
By combining optics with existing engineering technologies such as AI and image processing, we will support the shortage of manpower and the improvement of product quality.

Lighting & power supply
Lighting Equipment

We provide self-developed lighting and power supply designed for line cameras. We have developed lighting that enables us to photograph scratches on object surfaces that were not possible to capture with conventional lighting. Since the lighting has been developed with high versatility, it can be installed for various purposes in a affordable price.

Made-to-order tuning
Lighting Environment

We design lighting environment necessary for capturing an target tuned for each customer. The lighting will be able to capture scratches, foreign objects, positive and negative reactions of liquid chemicals, etc., which are impossible by conventional photograph methods.

Development of classifier
Automatic Inspection AI

Designing and developing AI to automate inspections that were performed by humans, such as detection of scratches, foreign objects, and defective products. We use our knowledge of the optics required for photography to highlight defective products and design the best AI classifier for particular issues.